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Group Travel Promotional Plan

An extensive email and social media plan to guide you through promoting your next group trip, even if you are in the ideation phase. Make your next group trip a fully booked success.

What you'll get:

Video Training - Promotion Roadmap and checklist - Email prompts - Written emails for each promotional phase - Social media prompts - Social media captions for each phase.

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Coaching and solutions with you, your business, and your individual needs in mind. We get laser-focused on the challenges and obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward

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Hey friend! I'm Nicole.

... and if you are ready to achieve something, you're in the right pIace!

I am passionate about helping Travel Agents like you grow, maintain, and book an audience of your ideal clients.

Why? Because you are necessary in this industry and you are worth it! You, yes, YOU, are in an industry that is re-defining itself even as we speak (or as you read). You will be an even more important and necessary part of the travel booking experience moving forward.

You need to be ready and I take helping you stay ready very seriously. I provide the roadmap, and together we follow the path.

My simple and direct approach to travel sales and email list building is designed to help you tap into your own unique power as a Marketer in order to grow that wildly successful travel business you dream of.

I have been in the industry for over 15 years, and over that time have seen the power and magic that Travel Agents have. I am dedicated to helping you deliver that magic to your ideal clients through content and email marketing.

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Finally! A step-by-step guide to growing your email list in less time than you think. It's the roadmap that gives you the clarity and courage you need to grow your business with loyal and engaged email subscribers who look forward to hearing from you.

Stop adding the wrong audience to your list and focus on attracting the right people who are right for you, your services, and ultimately the future of your business.

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Podcast Masterclass

Have you considered starting a travel podcast? It is a great and accessible way to reach an audience who is interested in the type of travel experiences that inspire you and that you like to share.

Today's marketing requires a deeper connection with people and podcasting is a great way to connect with your ideal clients.

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Masterclass: Free Course

If you are trying to connect the dots between how to attract your ideal client, how to add value in your engagement, and how to turn them into lifelong clients, these FREE interactive Sales & Marketing Masterclasses with actionable steps are for you.

Recorded Live

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Our Facebook community provides a great space for like-minded and success-driven travel pros like you who understand that it often takes a village, even in business.

Get live trainings from Nicole and featured guests, tips from other Travel Pros, and a community who speaks your language and understands the industry.

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Your go-to for real-world travel marketing tips and strategies to help you create the wildly successful travel business you dream of!

I believe in the value and future of the Travel Agent and have committed the podcast to sharing simple action steps that can positively change the future of your travel business.


What's on the blog

Get tips and strategies to level up your audience building game.

My simple and direct approach to digital travel marketing and email list building in this blog is designed to help you tap into your own unique power as a Marketer in your own business.

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You are an important part of the travel booking experience. Stay relevant by staying up-to-date on today's digital marketing opportunities.


Chances are we may have already met. For the past few years, I have been training Travel Pros like you in my Academy, on coaching calls, in-person workshops, and in virtual events and live videos.

I am the Founder of The Travelpreneur Academy, Espy Global, and the Hey Travelpreneur! Podcast. My life and career centers on travel: personally and professionally.

I am thankful to live in the New England area where every region and State offers a new and exciting destination for me, my family, and the friends we get to share it with. Among my other loves are the Caribbean and Europe.

As a former Regional Director of Sales at Sandals and Beaches Resorts, I have spent the last 15+ years of my career educating Travel Agents on how to market their travel businesses. Travel is what I do, for life, and for work.

My resume also includes companies such as Starwood Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Sofitel, and Walt Disney World.

Below are some other places you may have seen or heard me:

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