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Storytelling In Email & Social Media

We know that travel is not dead and all signs point to a growing appetite for travel experiences. Despite the pandemic, travel professionals should make plans for the inevitable, by exploring new ways to reboot their businesses. One of the most important elements in driving travel sales is brand storytelling, using email and social media channels to facilitate client engagement.

Storytelling adds a level of authenticity and human connection that can go a long way in influencing clients and attracting new followers. Engagement is not a mystery as it can be gauged on social media through likes, comments, and shares that lead to business growth.  

Facts tell. Stories sell.

Instead of just promoting deals, vivid travel stories should be a key part of the sales narrative. Once travel professionals are successful in making the connection, selling takes care of itself.  With the right tools and a creative mindset, they can develop compelling stories that build trust, provide...

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