Hey Travel Pros!

Finally! A step-by-step guide to growing your email list...

... in less time than you think.


Here is what you are tired of:

  • Not knowing how and where to reach your ideal audience
  • Being confused on where and how to start growing your list
  • Staring at a blank screen and not knowing what to write in an email
  • Not showing up in your email as your true and authentic self
  • Not getting the engagement, responses, and relationships you KNOW you can get from emails
  • Being confused by all the lingo and email marketing terms, and not knowing how it applies to you and your industry
  • Getting overwhelmed by the tech (oh, the tech!) and software that may be required to get all this accomplished
  • Feeling as if you do not entirely grasp or understand the concept and the steps you need to take to put a proper system in place to get the clients you want
  • Not having a lead magnet idea that is best for you and your niche
  • Not being able to share what you have to offer to your ideal audience
  • Insert your other frustrations here (........) I get it!

WHEW! That! Is! A! Lot! I was frustrated TYPING that!

Can you imagine...

  • Actively grow your list by using the attraction and communication methods in this course
  • Learning how to foster two-way communication through building authentic relationships
  • Learning the steps you need to take for your audience to inquire about your services

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you achieve something you really want.

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the List Building Kit!

Hey! I'm Nicole

... and if you are ready to achieve something, you're in the right pIace!

I am passionate about helping Travel Agents like you grow, maintain, and book an audience of your ideal clients.

Why? Because you are necessary in this industry and you are worth it! You, yes, YOU, are in an industry that is re-defining itself even as we speak (or as you read). You will be an even more important and necessary part of the travel booking experience moving forward.

You need to be ready and I take helping you stay ready very seriously. I provide the roadmap, and together we follow the path.

My simple and direct approach to travel sales and email list building is designed to help you tap into your own unique power as a Marketer in order to grow that wildly successful travel business you dream of.

I have been in the industry for over 15 years, and over that time have seen the power and magic that Travel Agents have. I am dedicated to helping you deliver that magic to your ideal clients through content and email marketing.

I am always and forever rooting for yah!

When you implement any block of the List Building Kit



Throwing different list building ideas at the wall and hoping one will stick

Having a clear and dependable list building system you can depend on to grow an audience of your ideal clients

Not knowing how the follow-up and connection processes that are required to turn your list into fans

Creating a tribe of fans you can connect with on first contact and eventually build lasting relationships

Being scared of emailing out of fear of not knowing how to close the sale and convert them into paying clients

Building authority through the art of relationship selling that leads to sales and discovery calls

Here's how the kit breaks down...




  • Grow your list of ideal clients
  • Content released weekly for a manageable pace




  • Build lifelong relationships
  • Content released weekly for a manageable pace




  • Book your ideal clients
  • Content released weekly for a manageable pace



SAVE $71

  • Get ALL THREE BLOCKS TO FORM A WHOLE KIT: Attract, Engage, and Convert

If you're ready to Attract, Engage, and Convert your ideal clients...

I created the List Building Kit just for you!

Here is what my own Tribe has to say:

So, what is the List Building Kit anyway?

It's the step-by-step guide to give you the clarity and courage to grow your business with loyal and engaged email subscribers who look forward to hearing from you. List building is a key step in business growth.

Each block in the list building kit consists of steps and actions to level up, and do away with, the regular newsletter and old fashioned way of getting email subscribers. It, instead, turns your newsletters (that are hardly read) into well thought through communication and conversations delivered to your potential clients' email inbox.

Stop adding the wrong audience to your list and focus on attracting the right people who are right for you, your services, and ultimately the future of your business.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.


Let's break it down again...



Attract your ideal clients

Get clear on exactly who you serve, where to find them, and how to attract them. Learn how to use the knowledge and authenticity you already have and how to create client attraction systems to find your tribe of ideal clients that are right for YOU.

This is the point in your list building journey that introduces you to an audience of potential clients. To be sure you get this process right, here are just some of the things we will cover:

  • How to market via email moving forward
  • Nailing your niche
  • Re-defining your ideal client
  • Defining your personal brand
  • Your lead magnet idea
  • Creating your lead magnet
  • Designing your lead magnet
  • Delivering your lead magnet
  • Promoting your lead magnet
  • How to attract a following
  • Content released weekly for a manageable pace



Communicate with your ideal clients

Your ideal client, in this digital marketing world requires several touches and authentic communications that lead to connection and relationship building. Learn how to connect with your ideal client from the very first contact and how to form deeper relationships on a regular basis.

At this crucial point you are having several cups of virtual coffee, giving them a chance to get to know you and your business. You are also getting to know them. Here are some of the strategies we will cover in the list building kit that will lead your ideal clients to engage with your emails and content:

  • Your welcome email sequence
  • Your nurture sequence
  • Your full sequence framework
  • Writing great and consistent emails
  • Your content framework
  • Email design and best practices
  • Growing your list using social media
  • Facebook Ads
  • Making the stats and analytics work for you
  • Content released weekly for a manageable pace



Turn them into happy clients

Once you have followed the steps to attract and engage with the ideal clients you want to work with the right way, you are now in a great position to turn them into lifelong clients who will refer their friends and family.

At this point, with the list building kit, you would have already built authority and made connections to take the next steps you need to book these clients. This is where relationship selling comes into play and you now have the tools to guide your ideal client through the sales journey.

Here are some conversion strategies we will cover in the convert stage:

  • Understanding organic growth
  • Automation and messenger marketing
  • Promotions and calls to action
  • Sales and discovery calls
  • Consumer event marketing
  • Your sales pipeline
  • Live videos and sales processes
  • Content released weekly for a manageable pace

A result driven course with a clear path and finish line


Step-by-step instructions and action plans laid out in a way you can understand and that meets you where you are.


Grow your list with the right people. Engage  with them authentically and strategically. Turn them into lifelong clients.


You do not have to go it alone. Learn along with a community as driven as you are. It takes a village, even in marketing.


Get templates and workbooks to guide you along the steps. Visual learners will celebrate. Stay organized.

Enroll in the List Building Kit

Choose the best plan for you, or choose the bundle option. Work at a manageable pace with weekly dripped content.


Enroll today and you'll also
get access to these bonuses...


10 pre-written emails

Your complete lead magnet delivery email, welcome sequence, and nurture sequence all written out for you with ample opportunity to customize and make it your own.

It can be tedious and overwhelming to think of the right things to say at a time when it really counts. Take the pressure off what to say when someone joins your email list and make a beautiful first impression.


52 email prompts

Let's face it; it can be hard coming up with an email topic every week! Especially if we are trying to juggle all the other things in our businesses.

With these 52 weekly prompts (that's a whole year of email ideas all planned out for you!) you don't have to wait for inspiration to strike. You just have to fill in the story.

These prompts help you stay consistent and allows you to show up and stay engaged with your ideal clients.


Lead Magnet Templates

Simple, relevant, and customizable lead magnet templates you can design easily in Canva.

Remove one of the biggest (and easily most annoying) obstacles when it comes to getting your lead magnet to your ideal clients.

Save time and money with these lead magnet options: checklist, guide, roadmap, and step-by-step.



Nicole here :)

Chances are we may have already met. For the past few years I have been training Travel Pros like you in my Academy.

I am the Founder of The Travelpreneur Academy, Espy Global, and the Hey Travelpreneur! Podcast. My life and career centers on travel: personally and professionally.

I am thankful to live in the New England area where every region and State offers a new and exciting destination for me, my family, and the friends we get to share it with. Among my other loves are the Caribbean and Europe.

As a former Regional Director of Sales at Sandals and Beaches Resorts, I have spent the last 15+ years of my career educating Travel Agents on how to market their travel businesses. Travel is what I do, for life, and for work.

My resume also includes companies such as Starwood Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Sofitel, and Walt Disney World.

Below are some other places you may have seen or heard me:

Are you a perfect fit?

  • You are ready to reach your tribe of ideal clients where they are
  • You want to create systems that will consistently bring you new leads
  • You want to grasp the concept of and master email marketing once and for all
  • You are ready to turn your list building on its head and make it work for you
  • You want to engage with your ideal clients consistently and authentically
  • You want to learn the new and updated ideas in email marketing

If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.

I can't wait to welcome you into the List Building Kit!

If you're ready to get stuff done ....


Take the pressure off yourself to close the sale at the very beginning (pressure sales does go over well with your potential clients anyway), and instead develop an email system that will set better expectations and bring your audience on a journey with you.

Form authentic client relationships.


Progress over perfection

You just have to get started


Got questions?

Here are some answers :)